NSERC HI-AM Network Signs Memorandum of Understanding with ASTM International

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The NSERC Network for Holistic Innovation in Additive Manufacturing (HI-AM) and ASTM International agreed to advance cooperation by signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on additive manufacturing (AM) standards development. The MoU was signed on January 22, 2021 and announced during the 4th HI-AM Conference on June 1, 2021. This MoU establishes the terms and understanding between the HI-AM and ASTM to facilitate collaborative activities that are mutually beneficial, promote information exchange on topics of interest, and encourage the HI-AM researchers and experts to participate in the ASTM standard development process.

In the few months that have passed since the establishment of the MoU, the results of several HI-AM projects in topics as diverse as powder recycling, AM process control and metrology, and repair strategies have been identified as having potential for being incorporated into ASTM standards. Furthermore, two standard work items have already been registered as a result of this MoU to develop best practices for in-situ defect detection and powder bed density measurements. Technical discussions are being conducted between ASTM and various HI-AM groups to establish more standard development projects.

“This is just the start of what both organizations hope will be a productive partnership,” said Ralph Resnick, the Chairman of HI-AM Board of Directors. “We are very excited to contribute to AM standardization led by ASTM and hope this partnership will advance and facilitate this monumental task”.

Read the announcement on ASTM website.

About HI-AM Network
The NSERC Network for Holistic Innovation in Additive Manufacturing (HI-AM) brings together leading research groups across Canada and their government, industry, and international academic partners, to coordinate and accelerate national research efforts to overcome critical challenges in adoption of metal additive manufacturing technology. HI-AM’s multidisciplinary team has pioneered and patented intelligent control technologies, innovation AM processes, and new materials providing a foundation to solve some of the key obstacles facing commercial AM applications, positioning Canada to play an important role in the global AM supply chain.

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