HI-AM 2022
JUNE 21 - 22

Research Themes


Material Development

Raw material selection in both conventional manufacturing and AM is not straightforward and involves consideration of numerous variables. The complexity of the process is compounded in AM, as it introduces other concerns including reactions that occur far from equilibrium, highly transient heat fluxes, rapid solidification, and numerous factors that stem from the quality of metal powder feedstock. This theme focuses on metal powder cost reduction for AM; development of novel alloys for laser powder bed, laser powder fed, and binder jet systems; and metal powder recycling and life cycle assessment etc.


Advanced Process Modeling

The sheer number of interdependent process parameters in AM significantly limits the efficacy of a conventional trial-and-error approach to process optimization and design. Recently, advanced multi-physics numerical models of various AM technologies have started to appear to optimize AM processes. This theme focuses on the challenges of process optimization through micro/meso/macro-scale modeling of metal AM processes; accelerated real-time simulation algorithms; pre-processing for optimization of AM; and design for AM etc.


Process Monitoring and Control

Some of the challenges that inhibit the industry use of AM are the finished part quality roadblock, low process repeatability/reliability, high production cost, and low productivity due to random and environmental disturbances. Disturbances are associated with the laser beam quality, powder characteristics, energy distribution, non-linear thermodynamic properties of material, motion systems, and plasma formation. This theme focuses on solutions, protocols and quantifiers to aid in the creation of a “Certify-as-you-build” AM platform.


Innovative AM Processes and Products

Current metal AM processes suffer from low speed, high cost, and reliability issues. Innovative AM processes/systems capable of addressing these limitations will effectively facilitate the industry adoption of AM. This theme focuses on novel AM systems with improved performance, hybrid AM systems, innovative functionally-graded structures, digital manufacturing, and innovative smart products etc.